Board Profile: Tara Reid

2018-09-24T12:18:14+11:00September 20th, 2018|

Pictured: Tara Reid next to her husband Stephen.  As a strong advocate for the welfare of others, Tara has volunteered and been involved with many organisations to support their efforts to meet the needs of those most vulnerable. She has served on the board of Baptist World Aid, been a [...]

Staff Profile: Jenny Cincotta

2018-07-12T21:49:58+11:00July 12th, 2018|

Pictured: Jenny Cincotta, Inside Out Youth Worker Jenny first began at Concern Australia in 2016 as a student placement and ongoing volunteer in LiveWires before completing her second student placement within Inside Out in 2017. Jenny volunteering at LiveWires Holiday Program. She volunteered in crowdfunding initiatives, caring for children, running [...]