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2021-2022 Financial Year Review

Coming off the back of several years of COVID-19 lockdowns and school closures, we are thrilled that we were able to begin delivering workshops in schools again this financial year.

As Australia emerges from these extensive lockdowns, we are observing new trends in the challenges that students are facing, and are delivering tailored workshops and seminars to address these evolving needs. Increased levels of fear, anxiety, disconnection and under-developed social skills are greatly impacting young people today.

We know how valuable our seminars are to children and young people through the feedback we receive from schools. We know now more than ever that young people need support to navigate through these challenges. We look forward to continuing to connect with students across the country in the 2022-2023 Financial Year, providing tools to build resilience and instil hope for the future.

Values for Life PROVIDES seminars for primary and secondary schools throughout Australia

These seminars are engaging, fun and educational focussing on topics such as bullying, community, cyber-safety, drug education, empathy, femininity, identity, leadership, masculinity, prioritising, resilience, and transition. ‘Values for Life’ is a prevention program and aims to empower students and provide learning outcomes that engender pro-social values, empathy and resilience.

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We developed a partnership with the Ardoch Youth Foundation and delivered 12 wellbeing workshops to 914 students in 10 of Ardoch’s partner schools over four days. The schools we delivered to spread across Melbourne in Sunshine, Rockbank, Seaford, Frankston, Dandenong and Geelong. Our specialised workshops focused on helping their students learn and think about topics on resilience, cyber-safety, anti-bullying, leadership, and friendships.

We asked teachers to provide feedback on the information we provided and how well we presented, relevance of multimedia, activities played, and stories shared. The feedback was an overwhelming sense of gratitude with seminars receiving a 99.4% approving rating across all the schools. Quotes from school teachers were that we had: ‘great energy,’ ‘were extremely engaging,’ ‘humorous,’ ‘child-focused,’ ‘relevant,’ ‘pitched at an appropriate level,’ ‘content was perfect and fit into current curriculum and wellbeing programs.’

In a recent visit to Nepean School, we delivered two workshops to 25 primary and secondary students teaching two workshops on cyber-bullying and resilience. Several students gave positive feedback showing they had understood and benefited from the workshop. Michelene Keyte, the school’s Wellbeing Officer exclaimed, “Students were all so engaged for the whole 60 minutes!!! The YouTube clips from the program really grabbed the boys attention – I am busy looking them up now!”

We are encouraged by such positive responses and for the opportunity to help young people in school to overcome or cope with challenges and equip them with resilience and confidence.