Our program model

Inside Out our live-in mentor Enhanced lead tenant Program assists young people in the child protection and youth justice system transition toward independent living.

Through our team of qualified, experienced youth workers, this program seeks to empower, upskill and motivate young people between the ages of 16-19 to tackle life independently. In partnership with the Victorian Government’s Department of Health and Human Services, we use an Enhanced Lead Tenant Model in which housing arrangements are tailored specifically to each young person’s situation, creating a safe and secure place where they feel valued and have a sense of belonging.


Applicants should include a letter which you can upload as part of this form. Your letter should tell us a little about yourself, stating that you are interested in the position of LIVE-IN-MENTOR and outlining what you feel you can bring to the program in our LEAD TENANT PROGRAM.


    (All files should be in Word or PDF format and not exceed 5Mb in size)

    Exciting opportunities are now available to become a live-in mentor to young people as part of our Enhanced Lead Tenant program, which provides accommodation, and support services to young people who are on statutory orders (child protection and/or youth justice).


    Our program model

    We are experienced in working with young people who are vulnerable and exhibit trauma-based, at-risk behaviours. These young people are often caught up in a cycle of disadvantage, including intergenerational poverty, family violence, welfare dependency and mental health challenges that can result in low expectations and patterns of young people coming out of youth justice facilities reoffending.

    We respond to these young people using Concern Australia’s Triple C (CCC) model, which has been developed over time to connect, coach and build community support around young people and their families.

    It is a strength-based model that recognises each young person comes with their own unique story, experiences and abilities, and walking alongside them towards independence means tailoring our support for each of them. Each phase builds upon the last to work towards our goals with the young person.

    When a young person enters the Inside Out program, we aim to take them on a journey with clear measures and goals in place to assist them to move into independence and the community as an independent young adult.

    The CCC Inside Out journey

    In the Connect phase, our focus is on building a connection/relationship, sense of belonging and trust with the young person and demonstrating care for them wherever we can. In this phase we are mostly doing things FOR the young person

    In the Coach phase, we build on the trust and relationship that we have established, and we start to coach the young person in the skills and responsibilities they will have to learn so they can develop into an independent adult. We give the young person the opportunity to do things WITH us, and have the opportunity to practice, fail at times and also have some successes along the way

    In the Community phase, we build upon the relationship and experience that the young person has developed, but we also start to actively support the young person to DO for themselves what we have been teaching them, encouraging them to show their own initiative and take steps towards reaching their goals and become an independent person in the community.

    We have built into our model a gradual and intentional increase in the level of responsibility we give the young person. We support them to increase their skills and knowledge and to practice these new skills and responsibilities in a safe, supported environment.

    This is a time in a young person’s life when they will be re-defining themselves and their relationships to family, peers and the community. We intentionally tap into this natural period of transition to assist young people to make it a positive step. The CCC framework provides a positive guide, and encouragement to define and take daily steps towards a young person’s goals.

    It is also a time in which we assist the young people to understand the realities of what life is like as a young adult, and what they will need to do to survive and thrive in the community independently. We assist them with what it means to work, comply with expectations of others, and manage their money. This can be a shock to many young people, and they need to be encouraged and empowered so they can access the opportunities available to them and succeed. We support the young person to know what housing options are open to them when they move on from the supported environment of an Inside Out home, and what they need to do to secure and retain housing.

    We see the value and strengths in every young person, and hope to assist the young person and their community to also see this potential.


    Mick* became involved with Concern Australia in 2017 when we assisted him to move out of residential care and into independent accommodation. His Case Manager assisted him through a Targeted Care Package, which enabled us to provide Mick with flexible and holistic care tailored to his personal needs.

    We know many young people who face significant challenges and trauma, so when Mick succeeded at accomplishing his personal goals we celebrated each new achievement. Mick gained employment and study opportunities, attended and received alcohol and other drug counselling, accessed rent assistance, purchased furniture and accessories for his home, learnt independent living skills and successfully achieved his Probationary Drivers Licence.

    Mick benefited from the flexibility of our program and targeted care as we had the opportunity to walk alongside him as he transitioned between living in independent accommodation, to living with family, to navigating the homelessness sector and now comfortably living in private shared accommodation for over 6 months. We also supported Mick’s* family and offered avenues for reconciliation with Mick by providing them both with guidance and referrals to appropriate services.

    Through our support and role modelling over the past couple of years we have seen Mick grow significantly. He has become more mature, responsible, thoughtful and accountable for his actions. At 18 Mick is still figuring out what he wants to do for a career but he is working towards his goals of finding a job he enjoys while saving to purchase a car.

    *Name has been changed.