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Recently, Concern Australia’s Northwest region facilities welcomed representatives from Bosch, the largest auto parts supplier in the world. Attendees included Kevin (Hand Brake Turn Graduate and fiXit employee), Michael Werle (Bosch), Steven Gandel (Gandel Metals) and Michelle Crawford (Concern Australia CEO).

The Concern Australia team shared the impact and reach of Hand Brake Turn and fiXit, our new social enterprise. From this, our visitors from Bosch were able to learn how Hand Brake Turn provides young people with learning opportunities within the automotive environment, and the experience that fiXit provides to create sustainable pathways to employment.

The Bosch team educated us on the breadth of their work and provided insights they are observing in the automotive industry both domestically and globally. This includes a significant national workforce shortage exceeding 31,000.

Kevin – Handbrake Turn Graduate and fiXit employee – shared with those present how his connection with Concern Australia staff, in addition to his experiences and learnings, have sparked a passion for a career in the automotive profession.

The visit concluded with a tour of the workshop where our guests were able to have a hands-on view of the cars that the Hand Brake Turn students have been working on, including a 1975 Mercedes Benz that – so we have heard – was driven a long time ago by a Bulgarian Ambassador.

Time to visit Bosch at Clayton

Shortly following their visit, Bosch kindly welcomed the Hand Brake Turn and fiXit team – accompanied by Michelle Crawford, Concern Australia CEO – to their offices. We had the pleasure of touring the Bosch facilities in Clayton to have a first-hand look at the broad spectrum of services that Bosch offers. It was certainly amazing to have the privilege of visiting the biggest supplier of car parts in the world and observing their equipment and the fascinating working environment.

The team at Concern Australia are thrilled to have established this connection with a world-renowned leader in the automotive industry. We look forward to exploring how we can collaborate with Bosch in future, given our shared commitment to providing hope to vulnerable and at-risk young people.

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