CEO Recap – SNAICC Conference

2023-09-27T14:15:53+10:00September 27th, 2023|

SNAICC (the national non-governmental peak body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children) held its 10th National Conference on the lands of the Larrakia people in Darwin in September. Andrea Greenwood (GM, Service Delivery) and I attended the conference as part of Concern Australia’s commitment to continually strengthening cultural understanding and practices.

January 26, 2023

2023-02-01T15:50:46+11:00January 26th, 2023|

Today, on January 26th 2023, we would like to pay our deepest respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, past, present and to future generations. Many First Nations communities consider this a Day of Mourning. We acknowledge the hurt, pain, and trauma that is felt by many.

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