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I have been deeply moved by the generosity of those who have responded to our COVID-19 Crisis Appeal with financial donations, along with the donation of goods to support our young people. Together we make a huge difference, and I am full of gratitude.

The impact of this pandemic, both in social and economic terms, will be long-lasting. There is much work to be done to enable our young people to cope and navigate an uncertain future.

We’ll be there for the long haul, and I know you will be with us. Thank you so much for your ongoing support that directly helps young people such as Jade.

The impact of this crisis will be felt for a long time, including for organisations that support the most vulnerable. There were reports last week that one major international development charity is likely to cut up to half its workforce as a result of the economic effects.

We will continue to be there for vulnerable children and young people, but we can only do it with your support. Thank you for your ongoing donations that mean we can get through this tough time and walk with these young people into a hope-filled future. I would be very grateful if you could pass on information about the COVID-19 Crisis Appeal to family and friends and invite them to add their support.

In the midst of the challenges, there is much to be thankful for. Hand Brake Turn classes recommenced this week; our chaplains have been able to continue visiting young men in the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre; our Values for Life team is preparing for when they can return to schools and help students process the impact of this experience; and the Steps Outreach Team continues to support vulnerable young people who have experienced or are experiencing homelessness. There are links to some of these good news stories in the updates below.

All of this is only possible because of your ongoing support. Thank you for being part of the Concern Australia family, bringing hope and care to young people and children for almost 50 years.

Wishing you all grace, peace and good health.

Michelle Crawford
Chief Executive Officer
Concern Australia

Thank you for helping Jade during this crisis

Jade is a teenager who has experienced a traumatic childhood and many years of homelessness. Your contributions to our COVID-19 Crisis Appeal have provided critical support to Jade during this difficult time of social restrictions.

Read Jade’s story to find out how you made a difference

Community support helps young people

The outpouring of community support for vulnerable young people has been so touching. A few examples over the past weeks include:

We’re also very grateful to Igniting Change for connecting Concern Australia with people and community groups who want to help so that we can work together to make such a difference. Your support allows us to build these relationships that provide young people with what they need. Thank you!

The Inside Out Lockdown Bake-Off challenge

Social restrictions have presented particular challenges for our Inside Out houses, where young people and mentors live together. The Inside Out team has been coming up with great ideas to keep the young people engaged and stimulated. The recent bake-off was a great success. Each home was provided with a cooking pack and challenged to get creative. The winning cake is pictured here – you can see them all on our Facebook post.

Media coverage of Hand Brake Turn’s life-changing work

The life-changing impact of our Hand Brake Turn program was recently featured in the Dandenong Star Journal. Eternity News also published a profile of our newest Hand Brake Turn staff member, Josh Niclair.

Support Hand Brake Turn – book your car for a service through our fiXit service or donate an old car. 

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