Welcome to the Participant Portal, fitness enthusiast!

Thanks for registering for our ‘Resolution Re-Ignite’ fundraising challenge! We can’t wait for you to join us in our mission to reach a combined 1 MILLION steps and raise $10,000 to support at-risk and disadvantaged young people. Don’t worry if you forget to save this page… a link will be emailed to you shortly with your registration confirmation!

Hi there, welcome to your portal! Here you will log your daily activities and turn them into steps.

We know you have a competitive soul, which is why we have put together this activity log so that you can keep track of how many steps you’ve completed (via any type of exercise) and compete against other participants.

It is simple to log your activities… just complete the form below as often as you would like – daily, every few days, or weekly. Once you update your activity, hit submit, and ‘voila’ you are one (or more) steps closer to the goal. Remember, the leader board will be refreshed throughout the day, so make sure to log your activity regularly to ensure your progress is reflected! Don’t worry if you forget to log your activity, we will reach out to remind you.

Don’t forget!! Download the supplied images to share on your socials so that you can get your network involved in helping you fundraise.

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