They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit… So, we’ve banded together to create healthy habits and re-ignite our New Years resolutions – all while supporting a great cause!

After 21 days of walking, running, swimming and playing, our challenge participants have not only achieved our goal of 1 million steps, but SURPASSED it!

A total of 14 dedicated individuals took on the challenge of prioritising their fitness by re-igniting their New Years resolutions to raise money and awareness for young people experiencing disadvantage.

Throughout the 3 week period, participants completed all sorts of activities to ‘get their steps up’ – from long distance running, weights and swimming, to wrangling toddlers and beach volleyball… our team did it all! The personal investment, dedication and commitment of the challenge participants ultimately resulted in a great outcome.

Together, we completed an incredible 1,255,733 steps!

Whilst we still have a way to go to continue fundraising for at-risk and disadvantaged young people, reaching our step goal is a terrific accomplishment and we are incredibly inspired by the motivation of those that dedicated their time to take part.

For anyone that missed out on this fitness challenge and would like to get involved, we are currently gathering a team for Run Melbourne to take place this July! Concern Australia takes part in Run Melbourne each year to raise money for our STEPS Outreach Service, which is dedicated to supporting young people take steps out of homelessness.

To register for Run Melbourne, click here.

To donate to our Run Melbourne team, follow this link.

Our Final Leaderboard

Activity Leader Board (top 10)

  • 1. Richard P | 220,350 steps

  • 2. Holly A | 201,297 steps

  • 3. Hillz V | 149,440 steps

  • 4. Melanie L | 143,049 steps

  • 5. Georgette W | 135,971 steps

  • 6. Roimart P | 57,285 steps

  • 7. Natalie W | 43,931 steps

  • 8. Jesse W | 36,045 steps

  • 9. Cesar L | 10,935 steps

  • 10. Chris D | 5,430 steps