We are actually here, the last video in our budgeting series, it’s packed with information, so hope you’re ready to learn manage your money.

So far we’ve introduced to you everything you need to know to START budgeting.

In this video we will show you HOW to budget – it’s about bring all the elements together. It’s a tad longer than usual, but it’s important and we hope, helpful, to pull ALL you’ve learnt so far into action. So this video is going to show you step-by-step what to do when you get paid.

If you’ve had a chance to follow our videos in the last few weeks, we’re hoping by now you have a pretty decent understanding of what budgeting means and why we budget, the math you need to budget, what income is, and the three different types of expenses that you need to consider when budgeting.

In our last video we went into a bit more detail about periodic and fixed expenses to round off all the elements of budgeting you need to know to start doing it. This week is all about that. We hope you enjoy it, we’re having a blast making them.

Speaking of having fun, we hope you’re finding this wee video series helpful around budgeting and how to manage your money more effectively. If you need a refresher on last week’s video you can find a link to it here.

We’re here to help you make sense of how to budget and take control of your money. This series covered:

  • Simple steps for setting up your own budget
  • How to build emergency funds and savings
  • How to manage your debts
  • How to set (and stick to) financial priorities

This video series has been produced by our Financial Inclusion Support Worker Issam Alameh. He’s got a great story – you can read about how growing up in a warzone inspires his passion to make a difference.


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