Big and fixed expenses can have a great impact on my budget, like a payment I make on a car I bought, or a zero interest credit card balance transfer payment I am committed to do every month. So I guess you’re wondering why I’m bringing this up.

The thing is, if I DON’T consider these large expenses in my budget, I could get into real trouble. And I mean TROUBLE!

This week’s video covers what fixed expenses are and why its important to factor these in to your budget.

Hey, we hope you’re finding this wee video series helpful around budgeting and how to manage your money more effectively. If you need a refresher on last week’s video you can find a link to it here.

We’re here to help you make sense of how to budget and take control of your money with this series of videos that will cover:

  • Simple steps for setting up your own budget
  • How to build emergency funds and savings
  • How to manage your debts
  • How to set (and stick to) financial priorities
  • Where you can get support when you need it

Check out last week’s video here. Over the coming weeks we’ll keep dropping new videos to make learning about budgeting easy, so stay tuned!

The video series has been produced by our Financial Inclusion Support Worker Issam Alameh. He’s got a great story – you can read about how growing up in a warzone inspires his passion to make a difference.


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