Empowering Young People to Write Their Own Stories


At Concern Australia, partnering with young people to create positive opportunities and hopeful futures is at the centre of all we do. We value young people’s talents, hopes and resilience, and work alongside them as they identify their goals and navigate challenges.

Empowering Young People to Write Their Own Stories2024-06-07T16:34:26+10:00

Spark Change This Christmas


This Christmas, you have the power to spark transformative change in the lives of young people facing hardship and complex challenges. At Concern Australia, our mission is to work in partnership with young people and children, creating opportunities for them to enjoy full and meaningful lives.

Spark Change This Christmas2023-12-20T14:25:56+11:00

CEO Recap – SNAICC Conference


SNAICC (the national non-governmental peak body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children) held its 10th National Conference on the lands of the Larrakia people in Darwin in September. Andrea Greenwood (GM, Service Delivery) and I attended the conference as part of Concern Australia’s commitment to continually strengthening cultural understanding and practices.

CEO Recap – SNAICC Conference2023-09-27T14:15:53+10:00

Youth Homelessness… What Can Be Done?


Some researchers argue that the housing situation for young people at risk is the worst in over thirty years. We see this firsthand at Concern Australia. Many of the young people we support are working to overcome multiples challenges in an increasingly difficult environment. We have an innovative approach that we need your help with!

Youth Homelessness… What Can Be Done?2023-08-29T10:45:45+10:00
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