Partnership with Hosier Hoodies

We’re excited to announce that we have teamed up with Hosier Hoodies, an organisation who transform some of Melbourne’s magnificent Street Art into hoodies available for purchase. It is great to be able to support local artists in this way, and we are especially grateful that Ben Hoban and the team have elected to donate $20 from each sale to help STEPS continue to help Melbourne’s Homeless Youth.

To find out how you can help, contact Concern Australia (03) 9470-2972 and ask for Georgette Wardan.

CLICK HERE to read the full article featured in The Age.

CLICK HERE to buy a hoodie.


Since 1985, a team of Steps’ workers and volunteers have been meeting at the steps of Flinders St Station at night time and engaging with young homeless people. They then meet with these young people during the day time and provide intensive support which includes personal and practical support, referral and advocacy and material aid. This support enables the young people to create pathways out of homelessness and encourages connectedness back into the mainstream community.

Steps is based on a relational model where workers and volunteers come alongside young people to get to know them and support them. By being a positive role model and treating each person as a precious child of God, they demonstrate that they believe in the young person and have hope for their future.

Recently, Steps celebrated 30 years of service to the homeless with a fundraiser concert and photography exhibition. It was a great night of celebration, with over 200 attending. The full story and some photos can be found in our Stories section.

Steps’ Homelessness Photography Exhibition

View inspiring photography by Melbourne secondary students on the theme of youth homelessness.


1. The Atrium at Fed Square on 5th-7th August for Homelessness Week.
2. The art gallery at TLC church Canterbury Rd, Bayswater 10th-29th August
3. Gluttony Cafe, Smith St, Collingwood 5th-30th Sept.

2017 Calendar of the winning images now available $15

Call (03) 9470 2972 to order your copy today!

Homelessness Resource Kit

This resource contains activities to help Year 9 & 10 students understand and respond to homelessness while exploring their own values of social justice, generosity, inclusion and acceptance of diversity. It incorporates outcomes from the Australian Curriculum in Civics and Citizenship, English, History, HPE and the General Capability strands of Personal and Social Capability and Ethical Understanding. The resource uses inspirational poetry and stories by homeless people, video clips and links to website resources.

$29.95 per kit incl. DVD and Under the Bridge: Voices from the Street
Order your copy
All proceeds go to continuing the work of Steps.

Under the Bridge – Voices from the Street

Concern Australia, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Southbank, launched Under the Bridge in 2010. Under the Bridge combines inspiring poetry and stories of Melbourne’s homeless with stunning photography by Melbourne students and professional photographer, Peter Casamento.

$15 each or 2 copies for $20
Order your copy
All proceeds go to continuing the work of Steps.

Homelessness Photography Exhibition – Steps Outreach Service

This year Steps Outreach Service held some inspiring exhibitions of photography on the theme of youth homelessness.

The work is by Melbourne secondary students and shows their insight and understanding of the plight of Melbourne’s homeless youth and the impact of being homeless.

Thank-you to our partners:
Casamento Photography
Calendar Print
Deni Hexter Marketing Communications
Fed Square

View the winning images with the students’ descriptions of why they took the photos:

 Tunnel Vision 1, Isabelle Schinagl, MECS

‘Tunnel Vision’ by Isabelle Schinagl

“Tunnel vision is when you can only see what is right in front of you and I feel like this is a metaphor for the young homeless because they sometimes live day by day instead of looking further into the future. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel, so keep carrying on and keep looking forward to brighter days.”


‘Need a miracle’ by Lauryn Schellebeck

“My photo shows that, despite the little a homeless person has, they can still have faith that their ‘miracle’ will come.”


 ‘Chalk house’ by Bethany Ammann

“I tried to capture the idea of a house being a sanctuary and how it affects someone when it starts fading away. I have represented this with the bright chalk house fallen to its side, fading and washing away with the rain. The bright shoes worn in the centre of the photo represent the potential this person has, while the dull reflection and grey, dark, wintery colours represent the feeling of helplessness that hinders them from having a better future. Homeless people often have a lot of potential but, without a secure place to stay, it may never be realised.”


2017 Calendar now available $15 To order, call the office (03)9470-2972

Celebrating 30 Years
Steps Concert for Youth Homelessness and Photographic Exhibition

On May 8th, Steps Outreach Service held a fundraiser concert and photographic exhibition to celebrate 30 years of helping the homeless youth of Melbourne from the steps of Flinders Street Station. The Concert was a great success with over 200 people attending and $7,000 raised. The audience was entertained and inspired by brilliant performances by gifted musicians and amazing young photographers displaying their works. We also heard the inspiring story of Sheree and Cyrus as they shared about their journey out of homelessness.

The Exhibition was a display of the winning images from our Homelessness Photography Competition held in Melbourne secondary schools. The winner was ‘Hope’(below) by Mac.Robertson Girl’s High School student, Zainab Sayeda.

In Zainab’s words, ‘This image represents a constant struggle present within the homeless, and also those that are going through a tough time.
That struggle is between having hope, and giving up. Many people can’t live off hope for very long, because sometimes the effort needed to have hope sometimes doesn’t equate to the results.
But on the other hand, giving up simply means that there is nothing to look forward to, and no probability of a better future.
Hope, although it is hard, can sometimes be the key to turning someone’s life around. So it’s important to always have hope.’

Hope by Zainab Sayeda

It was wonderful to see people from all walks of life coming together, including some who are currently homeless and those who have been homeless.

We even reconnected with ‘Susan’, a young woman who was supported by Steps a number of years ago when she was 16 and living on the street. She is now doing really well; working and living in stable accommodation. She loved the concert and got a lot out of it. The next day she rang to find out how she could become a volunteer helping homeless people. It is wonderful to see how the intensive relational support provided by Steps helps people such as Susan to turn their lives around.
Choir Singing_compressed

Choir Leaders and Anne_compressed As you can see from the photos of the evening, everyone had a lot of fun with the Choir of Hope and Inspiration (formerly Choir of Hard Knocks) a real treat.

Below are some of the other notable photographic pieces from the runner-up and third placed contestant in the competition. As a follow-up event, Steps will be holding a Photographic Exhibition in the Atrium at Federation Square in The Atrium, as a part of their lead up to Homelessness Prevention Week. (Click Here to see more info)

Thank-you to everyone for your support of this event – without you we would not be able to support Melbourne’s homeless youth.

Anne Mitchell
Steps Outreach Service

Other Photographic Competition Prize Winners from 2015

  • Second prize:
    by Katelyn Dawson-Brunsch
    Fountain Gate Secondary College
    ‘In social media we often see signs being shared saying 1,000 likes and…
    This is my version of that. To bring awareness to the world that a photo is powerful, that homelessness is very real.
    Everyone, even the homeless, need someone to care even by sharing just one photo.’
  • Third prize:
    by Jade Vasiljevic
    Fountain Gate Secondary College
    ‘The photo of the candle represents homelessness as it looks alone, trapped and hurt. It shows loneliness, hope and the feeling of being vulnerable.
    It appears to be isolated from the world and everything around it.’
  • Jade Vasiljevic untitled_compressed

The Steps Concert Committee with their smiles on:

Steps Concert April 2015 - Steps Team_compressed2






I want justice—oceans of it.
I want fairness—rivers of it.*

You can see the pain in his eyes as he sits on the steps and tells us his story.

Growing up, he tells us, he always felt like the ‘odd one out who didn’t fit in’. He was constantly and brutally bullied at school and hated his time there.

Julian left home when he was 15 and has been living on and off the streets since then. During that time, he has stayed under the bridge near Southbank, in squats, on friends’ couches, in crisis accommodation and in youth detention.

Mental illness and the chaos of life on the street led him to drug use. He was smoking cannabis and injecting heroin daily. When he talks of his five years living on the street, through his eyes we relive the terror of being assaulted and ‘rolled’ for his money, the intimidation of others, the shame of his own criminal behaviour and drug use, the degradation of not having anywhere to call home or even to have a shower and wash his clothes, of existing on one meal a day because the priority was to get drugs.

But then we see him smile as he talks about meeting workers from Steps who talked to him, cared for him by giving him clean socks, sleeping bags and food vouchers, advocated for him to get into crisis accommodation and rehab and most of all showed him unconditional love and hope.

He talks about the support he received to help him complete a drug rehabilitation course  and ‘stay clean’. He speaks of his thankfulness for people who believed in him and never gave up on him.

Julian is no longer using drugs. He is in the middle of a fitness course and works out at the gym every day.

Julian has realized that he is not the ‘odd one out who doesn’t fit in’ but that he is a unique creation of God, who is loved.

*Amos 5:21-24 The Message


Steps’ supporters 2016:

  • The Anglican Parish of Mt Dandenong
  • Capital City LLEN
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  • Clayton Church of Christ
  • Grill’d Southbank
  • Gospel Resource
  • RE Ross Trust
  • Rotary Club of Central Melbourne Sunrise
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  • St Hilary’s Women on Thursday group
  • Streetsmart
  • The Welsh Church

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  • TAL

Homelessness Photography Exhibition & 2016 Calendar:

  • Capital City LLEN
  • Calendar Print
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  • Deni Hexter Marketing Communications
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  • Gluttony Café Collingwood
  • North Fitzroy Community Church
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Christmas party:

  • Choice Catering
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Homelessness Resource Kit:

Steps partners

  • CHP Council to Homeless Persons
  • CCLLEN Capital City Local Learning and Employment Network
  • Megan Bonnici (graphic design)
  • Casamento Photography


To young homeless people on the steps of Flinders St Station at night time. Follow up intensive support during the day time that includes relational support, advocacy and referral and material aid.


Through our publications, ‘Under the Bridge’ and the ‘Homelessness Resource Kit’ for Secondary students we aim to disseminate information and understanding about homelessness to the community.

Filling the Gap

The Steps’ ‘Filling the Gap’ project provides intensive long-term support to young people transitioning out of care with the aim of preventing them from becoming homeless.

Staying Connected Project

helping children who have experienced homelessness and family violence to stay connected to school.
Support to break the generational cycles of family violence and homelessness by helping the children stay connected to school, engage with peers and develop a talent or skill they can achieve successes in

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