International Women's Day Promotion

We are hosting an International Women’s Day event at the Collingwood Neighbourhood House to celebrate the diversity of women and their achievements.

We will be celebrating with local women and mothers who have agreed to contribute their skills and talents on the day to run activities for their local community.

Activities include:

  • African dance and drumming workshops
  • Cultural food
  • Cultural singing
  • Eritrean coffee making ceremonies
  • Indigenous story telling and face painting
  • Interactive art installations
  • Women’s empowerment short bio

We are incredibly thankful for all the women who will be contributing their skills and talents on the day, and know this has created a sense of personal and cultural pride as their skills and achievements are recognised publicly.

“Thank you for your encouragement and support and having faith in me to present my story and run an art exhibition. It means a lot,” said Ching Ching. See the video below for a snapshot of Ching Ching sharing her art and vision for unlocking our true potential.

We will invite children and families from our LiveWires after school care program to help children from diverse cultures and backgrounds learn about the history of International Women’s Day, encourage cultural understanding and cohesion. This is particularly in response to many African communities who have felt marginalised by the negative media portrayal of their communities.

Huge thanks to all the women who are contributing their skills and talents on the day, to City of Yarra, Neighbourhood Justice Centre and Victorian Multicultural Commission for helping sponsor this event, and our wonderful community partners from Cultivating Communities, Carringbush Adult Education, Collingwood Neighbourhood House, and Drummond Street Services.

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