We have successfully delivered Hand Brake Turn courses across Australia for over 20 years with nearly 10,000 students completing and graduating our courses. We currently provide students a 7-week pre-vocational automotive and life skills training course that runs 3 days per week in Braybrook and Dandenong locations. This course trains each young person (aged 15-21) in a range of technical and life skills which will support their pursuit or interest in future educational and employment opportunities.

Students will learn practical skills and information relating to:

  • automotive care

  • body repair technology

  • light vehicle mechanics

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • IT

  • job readiness

  • budgeting


  • individual action plan development

  • personal goal setting

  • communication

  • creativity

  • team work

  • reflective practice

Hand Brake Turn starts up again in late January and early February 2019 across our two workshops located near public transport:

DANDENONG:     29 Jan. 2019 – 14 Mar. 2019                         BRAYBROOK:     5 Feb. 2019 – 21 Mar. 2019

Ready to Join us? Apply today by visiting here and kick-start your education in our hands-on training courses.

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