Hand Brake Turn course intakes open for 2019

We have successfully delivered Hand Brake Turn courses across Australia for over 20 years with nearly 10,000 students completing and graduating our courses. We currently provide students a 7-week pre-vocational automotive and life skills training course that runs 3 days per week in Braybrook and Dandenong locations. This course trains each young person (aged 15-21) in a range of technical and life skills which will support their pursuit or interest in future educational and employment opportunities.

Students will learn practical skills and information relating to:

  • automotive care

  • body repair technology

  • light vehicle mechanics

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • IT

  • job readiness

  • budgeting


  • individual action plan development

  • personal goal setting

  • communication

  • creativity

  • team work

  • reflective practice

Hand Brake Turn starts up again in late January and early February 2019 across our two workshops located near public transport:

DANDENONG:     29 Jan. 2019 – 14 Mar. 2019                         BRAYBROOK:     5 Feb. 2019 – 21 Mar. 2019

Ready to Join us? Apply today by visiting here and kick-start your education in our hands-on training courses.

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