• Holiday Program at Point Leo Beach
  • Children on Puffing Billy
  • Puffing Billy crossing the Bridge
  • Children at FunFields

LiveWires and the Collingwood Soup Van Holiday Program held activities across wider Melbourne in January for 81 children and 45 parents and grandparents living in the Collingwood and Richmond Housing Estates.

On a sweltering hot day, families piled into three buses and headed to FunFields. It was a beautiful day to be out in the sun and families cooled off by swishing down water slides and swimming in their man-made beach! Many children squealed and closed their eyes as they tipped upside down on one of their amusement park pirate ships, our younger children climbed onto horses on the Merry-go-round and laughed as they bobbed up and down.

Our next visit was to Emerald Lake on Australia’s premier preserved steam railway Puffing Billy! Children stuck their heads out the windows as they marvelled at the beautiful scenery and waved to passers-by. At the lake children fed the ducks, played on playgrounds or swam, while parents chatted and chilled out under trees. 

We ended our holiday program with a trip to Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm with everyone picking punnets of juicy red strawberries! Many children spent the day with strawberry stained smiles as they enjoyed the freshly picked fruit! We then washed it all off at Point Leo Beach where children squealed jumping over and under waves! Perfect day to be out in the sun once more!

Huge thanks to the Collingwood Soup Van and all their volunteers for their incredible partnership and the City of Yarra Council for funding these wonderful adventures!

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