We’re proud to be one of the organisations partnering with the Victorian Government to help jobseekers find work through connecting them to a range of resources and services. Our Jobs Victoria Advocates – David and Usman – will be linking jobseekers with a range of services in the community they need to help them get on a path to obtaining work.

Navigating the complexity of what to do when you don’t know where to start makes succeeding at finding work really hard. So know that you’re in the right place when you sit down and meet with them. They’ll do everything they can to help guide you along the way, and make the connections that will make a difference.

Check out how you can connect with David and Usman in our video and remember to share it with your jobseeking mates! You can also reach out to them through this link to the Jobs Victoria Advocates page on our website and fill out and Expression of Interest form there too.

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