In light of the Government announcement of the forced lockdown extension, the organisers of Run Melbourne have shared that it was with deep regret that the event can no longer proceed this Sunday 25 July, and will be postponed to 2022.

This is such a shame, and our hearts go out to all the runners who were gearing up for a cracking run this weekend together.

Our heart also goes out to Soul Motive, the organisers of the event. We know the events sector has been reeling from the impact of the COVID lockdowns and this would have come as yet another blow for the family and all their incredible staff and volunteers who help run the event each year.

While we cannot run through the streets of this fabulous city of ours on Sunday we will continue to focus on returning to running Run Melbourne together.  Soul Motive

Each member of the Steps team, Steps for Youth Homelessness, will be walking or running individually to meet their goal and we will post photos and maps to show you when they have succeeded.

The Steps team are incredibly heartened by the support they’ve already received so far which is in excess of $17,000.

Thank you to all those supporters who are running or walking for the team, and their supporters, and we wish them well with their virtual run this weekend!

Stay safe and well everybody.