At the beginning of March, Concern Australia’s STEPS Outreach Service connected with We Are Mobilise and Brooks Running Australia to distribute brand new Brooks runners to young people experiencing homelessness.

“It is common for most of us to take seemingly small things for granted, with shoes being one of them. Shoes provide comfort, protection from the environment, dignity, confidence and improved quality of life, but sadly, obtaining a good quality pair of shoes is extremely difficult for people that are experiencing homelessness.”

– Anne Mitchell, STEPS Outreach Service Manager

This is the second time that We Are Mobilise, Brooks Shoes and STEPS Outreach Service have collaborated to make a difference for those experiencing homelessness. The meeting point was in the city, near Flinders Street. The team set up a table and began to spread the word. Everyone was excited and smiling, and over 50 pairs of shoes and socks were distributed that night.  On this day, we witnessed the impact that providing a new pair of shoes has for someone experiencing hardship. The glow in their faces and visible shift in their demeanour continues to inspire us to keep finding ways to support them through initiatives like this one. 

We had such great feedback about the significance and change these gifts will make. Many commented on how happy they were to see us out in the community again with some recipients commenting that they felt like they were “walking on air”. It was an incredible experience, and we want to express our gratitude to Emma and the team at Brooks Running and We Are Mobilise for planning this impactful initiative. 

Concern Australia’s interim Chief Executive Officer joined STEPS Outreach Service for this initiative.

“It was great to see STEPS Outreach Service in action to help distribute these runners. Our partnership with Brooks Running and We Are Mobilise is an impactful relationship that continues to benefit individuals that are experiencing homelessness. I am proud that Concern Australia were able to take part in providing these new runners to those that would otherwise not have access to them.”

– Richard Parker, Chief Executive Officer (Interim)

In addition to the ongoing support that we provide to disadvantaged young people, STEPS Outreach Service is out in the community every Wednesday night to assist people experiencing homelessness, and we would love to count on your support. Your contribution will positively impact the lives of disadvantaged young people. Please consider donating to Concern Australia through this link. 

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