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‘Invisible’ is an inspiring image by Jason Nguyen from Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, winner of our Homelessness Photography Competition 2017.

Opportunity beckons: In the next two months our Steps Outreach Service is running a couple of cool competitions that give young people the opportunity to let their creativity shine while raising awareness and understanding about one of society’s greatest challenges – youth homelessness.

Aimed at secondary students and young people up to 25, the two competitions are:

  • Design a T-shirt for Youth Homelessness
  • Homelessness Photography Competition

The winning entries from each of these competitions will be included in our ‘Walk in my Shoes’ exhibition at Federation Square that will happen later this year.  The exhibition will also include an exciting Augmented Reality experience.

Walk in my Shoes aims to give young people experiencing homelessness a voice while raising community awareness about youth homelessness and encouraging more people to respond to the issue and get involved to make a difference.

Details about each of the competitions can be found below.

Entries for both competitions close 1 April. Young people under the age of 18 can enter via their teacher. You will need to submit a signed entry form (download the forms from the links below). Email your entry and completed form to Anne Mitchell on

T-shirt competition

You are invited to create any kind of design you think works – that can include text, artwork, street art or whatever your creativity and imagination can design that will look amazing on a T-shirt.

Designs can capture the issue of homelessness or just appeal to the current fashion.

Download the entry form for the T-shirt competition.

Download the promotional flyer for the T-shirt competition. 


1. $100 Hosier Hoodies voucher and a hoodie printed with your design
2. Hoodie from Hosier Hoodies printed with your design
3. T-shirt from Hosier Hoodies printed with your design

Hosier Hoodies creates and sells quality hoodies and T-shirts based on street art and designs from local artists to support the work of Steps Outreach Service.

Michelle Crawford and her mum

If you win, your design will sit alongside amazing artists like Adnate, who created the above image. 

Find out more about Hosier Hoodies online and buy some cool new gear, or check out Facebook and Instagram.

Photography competition

Explore the themes of youth homelessness and the emotions of despair and hope creatively through your lens to create images with impact.

Download the entry form for the photography competition.

Download the promotional flyer for the photography competition. 


1. Your own photoshoot at a fully equipped photo studio with guidance from a professional photographer, and a hoodie of your choice from Hosier Hoodies.
2. Hoodie of your choice from Hosier Hoodies.
3. T-shirt of your choice from Hosier Hoodies.

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