COVID-19 update

The impact of COVID-19 on our community has meant necessary changes to our work.

Our two chaplains continue to have contact with and support young men in the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre. This may change as Governments continue to take further steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect the most vulnerable.

The Chaplaincy program offers pastoral care to young males between the ages of 17 – 21 in the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre.

It also provides church services and other activities to encourage spiritual and emotional development and growth. By meeting and engaging with the young males in their current environment and context they are provided with a much needed opportunity in which to express themselves.

15th Annual Malmsbury Bike Show

The 15th Annual Malmsbury Bike Show was held on a cool spring September morning for young people living in the residential units at Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre.  Our chaplains, Andrew Blankley and Peter Whitefield, collaborated with God’s Squad CMC members who brought 15 of their most fine motorbikes to exhibit at the Centre. 

Around 24 young people joined the event spending hours mingling and chatting with staff and God’s Squad members about the bikes and their history, watching in admiration and perhaps dreaming of the adrenaline additions to Harley Davidson’s and Triumph’s that were there. As the sun was out, it was a perfect opportunity for young people and Squad members in particular, to sit on the grass and share pieces of each other’s personal stories and get to know one another on another level.

With the support from Malmsbury staff, we cooked up a sizzling BBQ of hamburgers, sausages, steak and chicken with accompanying salads from their kitchen. Towards the end of the show, each young person voted for their favourite motorbike and five motorbike owners were presented with a medal for “People’s Choice Award.” One young man spoke up in front of the crowd and thanked everyone for visiting and how much it was appreciated by all that we spent time with them, listened, and were present with them for the morning. We had a record number of young people in attendance!