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As we begin 2020, we’re looking forward to reviewing where we have come from over the past few years and planning for the future.

In Children’s Week 2016 we launched 2020VISION, our four-year strategic plan that laid out our plans to realise our vision of an Australia in which vulnerable young people and children in our community have hope for a successful and positive life.

We reorganised how we describe our work into three key areas: Education, Housing and Homelessness, and Justice.

2020VISION outlines the four goals that have guided our work:

  • People-centred in all we do
  • A Leader who responds to the needs of young people and children aged 5-21 years
  • A Partner to young people, children and stakeholders, ensuring our services are innovative, effective and impactful
  • A Steward, with quality systems, resources and efficient processes

2020 is the final year of working to our current strategic plan. We will be assessing our performance and achievements against these goals, and reporting back to all our supporters.

This year, under the Board’s leadership, we begin planning for our next strategic plan. We look forward to even greater things that see us continue to make a difference in the lives of the young people and children we work with.

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