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To assist in providing accommodation for young people aged between 16-19, by living in a share house arrangement and acting as a positive role model. Lead Tenants are able to continue with normal work or study commitments. Download PDF for more info

The Inside Out Program supports young people aged from 16-19 in the Child Protection and Youth Justice system to transition toward independent living. We provides accommodation and other support services to vulnerable young people.

As they journey towards independence, Inside Out recognizes the impact of the trauma and abuse and seeks to support the young people through various crisis including addictions, criminal issues, family and community disconnection.

A core focus of Inside Out is providing caring and homely environments (supported by volunteer Lead Tenants) to some of the most vulnerable and marginalized young people in Melbourne.

Young people also receive professional support through Inside Out Youth Workers and Housing Workers to access further education and training and positive relationships in the community. Inside Out remains committed to supporting young people whilst they are in Youth Justice Centers. Where the need arises, Inside Out seeks to tailor housing models specific to young people’s needs.

Ultimately, the Inside Out program aims to assist every young person in their transition into an independent and positive future.

We have earned a reputation across the sector engaging with the most complex young people and providing flexible opportunities that build hope for their future.

Ben who had been involved with Child Protection and Youth Justice for a long time decided on his 18th birthday that he wasn’t going to let his past determine his future. With the support of his Inside Out youth worker, an action plan was created with private rental as the fulfillment of his last year with the program. During this period leaving care funding was accessed to purchase driving lessons and pay for his leaner’s. The Inside Out youth worker engaged Ben in seeking employment which culminated into jobs. The Inside Out workers applied for further funding in order to furnish the private rental property desired by Ben. Ben was challenged by his youth worker to consider the costs associated with rent and utilities, in response to which this young person saved the first month rent as well as savings for the utilities and the first big grocery shop. The Inside-Out youth worker also assisted Ben by visiting open house inspections and this led to a one bedroom flat being secured just before Ben’s 19th birthday. Due to the intensive support provided, Ben was able to access his own accommodation, fund work and is now owner of a vehicle, his full license and even has savings.

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