Pictured: Tim Powell conducting a Values for Life seminar with students. 

Our Values for Life team have already started to run workshops with schools across Australia, helping young people to build their resilience and learn how to cope with challenging issues like cyber-bullying, body image and peer pressure. We help enable school aged children (from 5 – 17) to develop community building values, make wise choices and fulfil their potential.

We are very proud to have reached a record number of students in 2017, with 28,205 students participating in 390 Values for Life seminars at 185 schools! This is a great achievement from our Values for Life Team – Tim Powell and Sharon Cunliffe.

Some of the 2017 highlight and achievements for Values for Life include:

  • Having the highest record for days that we were presenting in school with 218 days (compared to 203 in 2016) and number of students with 28,205 (compared to 26,646 in 2015)
  • Delivering more holiday programs, workshops for parents and teachers in 2017 than ever before
  • Introduced a new topic for primary schools with a focus on dealing with anxiety and coping with conflict
  • Continuing to have high quality standards with an overall assessment of 94.3% from teacher’s approval and students
  • Reaching more primary schools this year (an additional 20 days) with a decrease in secondary schools (less 6 days) and this is a growing trend
  • Reaching more interstate schools (an additional 21) while still delivering to the same number of Melbourne based schools as last year (106)
  • Adding more new material, including new games, songs, videos and stories that keep our seminars relevant and helps us to deliver a wider range of material
  • Continuing to partner and participate with like minded organisations for resourcing and marketing with ACESS ministries, Generation Next, Victorian Youth Ministry Network and Children’s Ministry Network

Thank you to all our generous supporters who continue to help us to deliver our Values for Life program and make an impact. We couldn’t do it without your help!

While we are extremely grateful to all our supporters of Values for Life, we would love to get a few more people on board so that we can achieve a 100/100 – that is 100 donors giving $100 per month this year.

To find out more about Values for Life or make a booking click here or to make a donation to support Values for Life phone us on 03 9470 2972 or click below.


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