Our Vision

An Australia where vulnerable young people and children have hope for a successful and positive life.

Our Mission

Concern Australia takes responsibility to work in partnership with vulnerable young people and children to create and provide opportunities for them to transform their lives and live life to it’s full potential.

Our Values
  • FAITH – Being a Christian organisation, faith is a very important value to us. We have a confident belief and trust in Jesus Christ. We believe that He should act as our inspiration and is an example of how we should work and that we serve him through everything we do.
  • INTEGRITY – Integrity is an essential value to us. All our workers are expected to be just, honest and accountable in the work that they do. We wish for each of us to be transparent in our work relationships also to avoid conflict and mishap, especially with the young people we are involved with. If we are open and honest with them, it opens up a gateway for them to start trusting.
  • RESPECT – Concern values respect in and around our work place. This involves listening and trying to understand each others differences which can lead to a happier work environment. We strive to appreciate each person’s unique personality and ideas. This is included within our ministry, where by giving value and worth to the youth and children we work with helps build strong relationships, therefore encouraging change.
  • BELONGING – It is very important that we provide a safe place for the young people we work alongside. It is when we give them that space that they start to feel a sense of belonging. We believe when people have a sense of connected-ness and a solid community foundation that only then can change occur. We try to build those feelings of safety so that we can have closer relationships with our youth.
  • PASSION – Approaching the work we do with energy, creativity and positivity is of the utmost importantance to us at Concern Australia. We want staff, no matter what position, to really see the vision we have for our organisation and to want to see change in marginalised youth’s lives. It is with passion, that the work we produce is of the highest standard and that we continue to intervene in young people’s journeys in the most effective ways possible.

Concern Australia aims to embody hope for and give hope to the people we work with. We work to create community around those who need it most by focusing our attention on those who are most vulnerable and marginalised in our local context.

Our approach is preventative, restorative and transformative of young people and children’s lives. We aim to equip them with the tools they need to realise their worth and potential to create a positive future.

Concern Australia understands that community is an essential part of reaffirming an individual’s value and that this is integral to achieving meaningful change.

Our approach is holistic, offering training programs, personal support and community services to help change lives and maximise a positive contribution to society.

Concern Australia is collaborative – services are developed and managed in consultation and in partnership with relevant government agencies, church and community groups, local business, and families of participants.

Growing out of the ministry of Rev Dr John Smith and the work of the God’s Squad CMC, Concern Australia continues to serve the local community, taking responsibility to partner with those who are most vulnerable.



Concern Australia is proud to announce the achievement of the “Service Excellence Certificate” against the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES).

ASES ensures that organisations are operating confidently and efficiently in actively applying sound management to meet legislative, industry and government guidelines. Organisations will also be confident that they have effective communication, strong partnerships and a safe and healthy environment for staff and consumers. Consumers can feel confident in the service provision, make informed decisions and play an integral role in the development and planning of services.”