Values for Life
A social enterprise which conducts 397 seminars within 149 primary and secondary schools to 26,646 students, parents and teachers across Australia (Education) MORE

Learning Alliance & Hand Brake Turn
Offered from Dandenong and Sunshine. As an Registered Training Organisation we connect with 125 trainees and local community referral networks such as schools, youth, justice etc (Education and Justice) MORE (Learning Alliance)    MORE (HBT)

Inside Out
Housing and intensive support to 35 vulnerable and marginalised young people (Housing and Justice) MORE
Steps Outreach Service
Outreach offered to over 500 homeless young people from the steps of Flinders Street station – now in its 31st year (Homelessness) MORE
STEPS MASTER COVER 2017_V2LOWA collection of images photographed by high school students entered to the photography competition. Get your copy now! Call (03) 9470 2972

Support services for young people at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre (Justice) MORE
After school care and holiday programs for 80 school aged children and support to 40 families living in the Collingwood estate (Education) MORE